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Customer Rights Directive 2013

What you need to know about the Consumer Rights Directive

The Consumer Rights Directive was passed into UK law in December 2013 and will officially supersede the Distance Selling Regulations on 13 June 2014. All online sales that made from that time must comply with this new legislation. Difference between… READ MORE>>
Setting a direction on a ecommerce replatform project

10 steps to starting an ecommerce replatforming project

Replacing an ecommerce system (also known as ‘replatforming’) is not a trivial task, because it touches many parts of the online business – including merchandising, product management, content management, digital image management, design, ERP systems, order management, warehouse management, customer… READ MORE>>

Peak sales compression – coming to your online store soon!

MetaPack produces a Peak Index Summary, which tracks the number of UK retail parcels are being shipped per week on approach to Christmas and compares the trend for parcels across the previous 3 years to provide a fairly good indication… READ MORE>>

4 elements of a successful Click & Collect operation

The ‘Collect from Store’ delivery option has proven to be a great success for bricks and mortar retailers, including John Lewis, Tesco and many others. Often branded ‘Click & Collect’, customers value its convenience and low cost (or even no… READ MORE>>

Customer Fulfilment Experience: greenfingers.com

This is a next in a series of ‘road tests’ of a UK retailer’s online channel and the overall fulfilment customer experience. Aspects that affect the overall customer experience are reviewed, including: product pages, online help and FAQs basket, checkout,… READ MORE>>

Elements of a great fulfilment customer experience

The word “fulfilment” often conjures up visions of warehouses, boxes and delivery couriers. All quite distant from the glamorous side of selling online: SEO, design, UX, images and copy writing. However the way in which operations are executed and how… READ MORE>>
ecommerce replatform journey (via train)

What an Order Management System can do for your online business

An Order Management System (or OMS) is one of the key components of an ecommerce business. Its primary purpose is to manage the lifecycle of a customer order from point of order capture through to completion, whether its delivery to… READ MORE>>