About eCommPoint

eCommPoint Vision

eCommPoint aims to help businesses of all sizes to better understand how they can make use of the technology, tools and systems available to build profitable online stores that customers will love.

What was the inspiration for eCommPoint?

eCommPoint was originally founded share knowledge and practical information about what works in ecommerce focussing specifically on the online shopping experienceorder processingdelivery and shipping and customer services to provide a customer experience that matches or even enhances your retail brand.

However over time, we discovered that the real challenge is not what an online business should offer their customers or what they can do better; all retailers have an idea as to what they should do to make improvements to their business.

The difficulty actually lies in the ‘How‘:

How do I brief a web designer?

How can I link my webstore to my ERP system?

How do I get the IT department to do what I want?

How can I be sure that I am not spending more than I need to?

How can I make sure that the new website will be delivered on time?

And so on.

To build a successful online business these days requires a good understanding of IT,  systems and ecommerce. An online business is effectively a technology business! And it is essential to ensure that a business can be built and operated that delivers results for you and your customers.

But when it come to working with system providers, developers, designers and getting things to work with ‘the cloud’ not everyone has the confidence or the skills to speak or understand ‘IT’ language to communicate and agree what needs to be done. (Don’t worry, the reverse can also be true!)

Who can eCommPoint help? And how?

eCommPoint provides information, tools, tips and tricks that can help, even the smallest business, to better understand IT and to build an online business that customers will love. From how to write a design brief, to how to choose an order management system to how to get started on updating your commerce systems, there is no topic that remains uncovered.

Who is eCommPoint?

eCommPoint is edited by Brenda Goudie who has spent the last 15 years in ecommerce and all things online; talking IT to business people and talking business to IT types and helping businesses of all sizes to set-up, develop and run online or multi-channel businesses. (You can find out more about Brenda here).


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