Delivery Service Review: Amazon Locker

eCommPoint is reviewing various delivery services offered by carriers, fulfilment houses and other delivery solutions to assess how customer expectations are set and how the overall customer experience is managed throughout the journey from order to delivery.

Today we are reviewing the Amazon Locker, a delivery service offered by for their products and for any Amazon Marketplace Sellers that use Fulfilled by Amazon.

Amazon Locker is the latest delivery option that addresses the challenge of unattended delivery. Deliveries to lockers and lock boxes remove the dependency for a customer to be at home in order to take receipt of the delivery. The Amazon Locker was launched in the UK in 2011 .

This is the journey that I experienced when using the Amazon Locker:

Setting customer expectations

This was the first time that I had used a locker for any type of delivery. In principle, it sounded very straightforward and the information available on the Amazon site made it sound easy.


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Selecting the delivery option

The choice of alternative pick-up locations was something that Amazon have not made a big noise about, so it was not apparent to the casual shopper (or occasional Amazon shopper) that alternative pickup locations are available until they start checkout.

On the Review Order page, I was presented with my default Delivery Address information from my account, but there was also an option to choose a pick-up location.



On clicking, I was presented with the list of pickup locations nearest to the default postcode, ordered by a combination of type of pick-up location, proximity and hours of service. These alternative locations were either Amazon lockers (in orange) or Collectplus locations (in red). Locations that had a longer (ergo more convenient) hours were prioritised over proximity to the default delivery address.


Once I had selected my location, the delivery speed was offered; how soon did I want my order delivered to the locker?In 1 day or in up to 2 business days. (As a current Prime subscriber, I get One Day delivery option for free).


At the Review Your Order page, I was able to view my selection and also have the opportunity to change every aspect of my order. Once the order has been placed, the Thank you message is presented on screen, reminding me of the delivery service I have chosen.


Amazon’s checkout journey focuses on ‘don’t make your customers think’ by making it easy for customers to find the info they need, when they need it and at the right points in the customer journey. So at the moment of order confirmation, there is a mouseover pop-up for details about the locker, if there is a moment of forgetting what option was chosen by the customer or when the name of the Amazon Locker (Birch??) is not obvious or intuitive to the customer.


And if there is any form of post purchase regret, I can immediately click the Review or edit your recent orders link to make changes straight away.



Customer communications during delivery

The standard despatch confirmation email message was sent from Amazon, with information about with clear instructions about what to do to collect my parcel from the locker.


Once the parcel arrived at the locker, I received an email advising me of the pick-up code and about how long I have before it will be returned for refund.


Collecting from the Amazon Locker

When I visited The Coop, the bank of Amazon lockers was actually hidden away by the magazine section, which itself was halfway behind the tills. I had seen other Amazon Lockers which were a little more obvious as to where they were located within the store.



Once the locker bank was found, the whole process was simple.


At the prompt, I typed in my pick-up code on the screen.



The screen displayed the number of locker that my order was in.


And the corresponding locker door automatically sprung open.

And that was it. Dead simple. Would I use it again? Yes, if I knew my item would not fit through the door and it was a cheap delivery option. However, it was not all that convenient for me, simply because the location was off the beaten track and I don’t normally shop at The Co-op.

But it is a boon for The Coop as I did buy something there, so the presence of the Amazon Locker in the store is likely to be a  driver for footfall and increased sales.

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