Customer Services and Returns

Real tips and tricks: A heart felt “thank you” to your customers

A few days after my delivery from The White Company, I received a thank you email from them. And it wasn’t pushing the latest promotion or offers, but was simply a heartfelt message expressing their gratitude for my custom. :… READ MORE>>

Real tips and tricks: Online electronic signatures

With most carriers capturing a customer’s signature in an electronic format when they complete delivery it can be helpful to make this available to customer services and customers. By publishing the signature image of the person who accepted delivery can… READ MORE>>

Real tips & tricks: Offer your customers a post order cancellation window

Retailers such as ASOS and Amazon offer customers a short time window after ordering where they can choose to cancel the order. This can be done via My Account. While this might seem counter-intuitive, it’s a cost effective customer services… READ MORE>>

Customer Returns: Takeways from Internet Retailing briefing

On Friday I attended a briefing for Internet Retailing’s recently published Returns Report. This event was hosted by the report’s editor, with presentations from, Amethyst and Collect+. As customer returns traditionally hasn’t been a popular topic for seminars, I… READ MORE>>

5 steps to easy customer returns for you and your customers

Customer returns can be at major headache for retailers. However done right, it can be become your business’ competitive advantage, as customers prefer to purchase from online stores that make it easy for them to return a product, if there… READ MORE>>