Order Processing

How to use drop ship suppliers in your online business

Drop ship suppliers provide an easy way for retailers to quickly expand their product range or to supply products that require specialist fulfilment and delivery. However they can be challenging to manage because each drop ship supplier organisation is unique… READ MORE>>

How to provide real time stock information to your online channels

Products and stock availability are the heart of online retail. And offering products without indicating whether they are in stock or when they could be delivered can mean a frustrated customer, a lost sales opportunity or even the loss of… READ MORE>>

Improve stock accuracy and avoid customer disappointment

A sure way to disappoint customers is to offer products for sale that are not in stock for a period of time or are sold out. By focussing on stock control and ensuring data is correct and accurate, you can… READ MORE>>

Prepare order picking processes to get through peak

During peak sales periods, warehouses of all sizes – from a dedicated fulfilment centres down to the metaphoric ‘garage’ – can suffer from a lack of capacity to pick, pack and ship customer orders fast enough to meet customer expectations.… READ MORE>>

Real tips and tricks: Customise packaging design to reduce parcel weight

Jockey redesigned their packaging in order to reduce the weight of the outer shipping box. This box was designed so that the flaps of the box were made of a lighter grade of corrugated cardboard, than in the walls of… READ MORE>>

How to choose the right parcel packaging materials

Packaging of a customer order for safe and cost effective delivery can be quite a challenge. Packaging requirements do vary according to the type of product, the carrier that is delivering the order and to where it is being delivered.… READ MORE>>

How to get started with same day delivery

Same day delivery is a hot topic at the moment. If you are thinking about offering a same delivery service  the following 7 points will give you some ideas and for food for thought about setting it up in your… READ MORE>>

Choosing a fulfilment services provider

Whether you are starting out online or your business has outgrown your current storage location, using a fulfilment services provider (also known as a 3rd party fulfilment house) can be a beneficial step in growing your business. There are many… READ MORE>>

System and operational requirements for B2C fulfilment

Recently I was asked to put together a list of considerations for functional and operational requirements for setting up a business-to-consumer (B2C) (or Direct-to-Consumer, DTC) fulfilment operation for a UK retailer. This was to initially to drive discussion with the… READ MORE>>