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eCommPoint can help you wherever you are in the journey to building a profitable online business – that customers will love.

Building a profitable online business is not just about the sexy topics like SEO and social media. It’s all about the ‘nuts and bolts’ that comprise the foundations of a successful online business: the different technologies, systems and operational processes that are used together to provide a great – and cost effective – experience to your customers.

Why eCommPoint ?

The biggest challenge for an online business (after getting traffic)  is how to persuade a customer to place an order and to buy again in the future….as cost effectively as possible.  The answer lies in using the systems and technologies available to together with the ecommerce operation in order to achieve this. To get there however, requires the ability to translate the techno-speak of systems and websites, into the real world of  customer journeys, payments service providers, website designers, warehouses and carriers. Translating techno speak into meaningful business language to get things done (GTD) is what eCommPoint is about. Read more about eCommPoint.

Planning to upgrade or re-platform the ecommerce technology

Not a trivial task for any business, upgrading the technology stack or ecommerce systems must be carefully planned to ensure the best possible return on investment and minimize disruption to the business. eCommPoint’s outline provides a useful starting point for how to go about starting a system upgrade or replatforming project.

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Creating a great online customer experience

It is no good having the technology if it is not delivering a great – and cost effective – experience to your customers.

In our article library, we cover a range of topics from the website to delivery and beyond, so that you can learn how to deliver a great experience.


Website and online experience

Articles about all aspects of the customer shopping journey including: product detail pages, shopping basket / cart, delivery options, delivery charges, payment and billing information, order confirmation.

Popular articles include:

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Order Processing

Covering two main areas that enable successful order processing:

  • Order management and fulfilment: pick and pack, packaging, despatch/returns paperwork, dropship, delivery / shipping
  • Stock and inventory management: presentation of stock availability and the out of stocks

Popular articles include:

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Delivery & Shipping

The couriers or carriers that you use have a significant impact on the customer experience.  A focus on carrier and delivery management includes: carrier/courier service selection, carrier management, parcel tracking. For those businesses that have physical stores, there is more on the Collect from Store option.

Popular articles include:

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Customer Services

After-sales service is a great way to enhance a customer experience. Your business’ response to a customer query or issue can be the difference between ‘keeping the product sold’ and a refund. Browse articles covering topics such as customer service, and customer returns including: returns policy, requesting returns, returns processing and verifications, refunds and exchanges.

Popular articles include:

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