Website and Online Selling Experience

Customer Rights Directive 2013

What you need to know about the Consumer Rights Directive

The Consumer Rights Directive was passed into UK law in December 2013 and will officially supersede the Distance Selling Regulations on 13 June 2014. All online sales that made from that time must comply with this new legislation. Difference between… READ MORE>>

Peak sales compression – coming to your online store soon!

MetaPack produces a Peak Index Summary, which tracks the number of UK retail parcels are being shipped per week on approach to Christmas and compares the trend for parcels across the previous 3 years to provide a fairly good indication… READ MORE>>

Elements of a great fulfilment customer experience

The word “fulfilment” often conjures up visions of warehouses, boxes and delivery couriers. All quite distant from the glamorous side of selling online: SEO, design, UX, images and copy writing. However the way in which operations are executed and how… READ MORE>>

Checklist for preparing your business for peak sales season

As Christmas approaches, now is the time to finalise preparations for ecommerce and fulfilment systems and processes to maximise the seasonal sales opportunities and ensure products stay sold. Product Data Audit the quality of the product data: Is the product… READ MORE>>

How to provide real time stock information to your online channels

Products and stock availability are the heart of online retail. And offering products without indicating whether they are in stock or when they could be delivered can mean a frustrated customer, a lost sales opportunity or even the loss of… READ MORE>>

Turn stock availability into a selling point

Managing stock availability is critical to success to overall product and sales performance – whether online or in store – because if the product isn’t in stock, no one can buy it! Products go out of stock for a variety… READ MORE>>

Online fulfilment customer experience: Learnings from the US

Recently I visited Columbus, Ohio to attend the Operations Summit. While I was there I took the opportunity to look around online and in the retail stores to see whether there were any tips and tricks that enhance the overall… READ MORE>>