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Prepare order picking processes to get through peak

During peak sales periods, warehouses of all sizes – from a dedicated fulfilment centres down to the metaphoric ‘garage’ – can suffer from a lack of capacity to pick, pack and ship customer orders fast enough to meet customer expectations.… READ MORE>>

How to reduce shipping and delivery costs

Cost of shipping and delivery is a perennial hot topic, particular with customer demands for low cost or free delivery. There are a number of ways that the costs can be reduced, by taking a closer look at the customer… READ MORE>>

Real tips and tricks: Customise packaging design to reduce parcel weight

Jockey redesigned their packaging in order to reduce the weight of the outer shipping box. This box was designed so that the flaps of the box were made of a lighter grade of corrugated cardboard, than in the walls of… READ MORE>>

How to choose the right parcel packaging materials

Packaging of a customer order for safe and cost effective delivery can be quite a challenge. Packaging requirements do vary according to the type of product, the carrier that is delivering the order and to where it is being delivered.… READ MORE>>

The Weekly Roundup!

After a long working week, it is good to have some time to reflect and review some of the highlights on fulfilment best practice – and contemplate how they could help your business to enhances customer experience, strengthen brand loyalty… READ MORE>>

Real tips and tricks: Delivery reminder texts

An SMS reminder message sent to customers on the morning of delivery that indicates the time slot in which the parcel will arrive is really helpful. And if the customer cannot be present to accept the delivery, then a choice… READ MORE>>

Real tips and tricks: ASOS delivery service updates

Interesting! ASOS.com have provided a page to that customers can access to find about any delivery updates that may impact their orders, so customers in the UK and international can check for any issues that may affect delivery.  This is… READ MORE>>