Know your current IT systems set-up

In this article
You will learn why you need to know your current ecommerce IT set-up and how to share this information easily with all your stakeholders.

An appreciation and understanding of the systems that enable your ecommerce business to run is fundamental – especially when looking at replacing or upgrading your systems. This understanding will make it easier to make practical decisions about what type of technology is appropriate, any trade-offs that need to be made and ensure that right questions are being asked, at the right time.

So how can you capture a view of the systems, even if you are not an IT specialist?

  • List out the systems, with their proper name, explain their purposes and key outputs.
  • Identify all of the touchpoints, including any explain the purpose.
  • Prepare a diagram with all of these systems and the points at which they interact or where they exchange information.
  • Document how information is transmitted and in what format, and how often.
  • Find out any business implications for the systems

Take action in your business

  • Sit down and list out all of the systems that run your operation
  • Ask the IT team for an architecture diagram
  • Find out about the volume of transactions that are going through the systems and timing.

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