Setting a vision for your ecommerce project

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You will learn how to prepare the vision for a new ecommerce system.

A vision is not a fluffy statement of where you want to go. It’s a solid statement of your intentions that helps drive all the following decisions and activities through to a successful launch of a new system or business development.
It provides scope and purpose for all parties involved whether it is a website re-design, introducing new functionality or implementing a brand new system.

A vision should address 5 things:

  • What the business intending to achieve
  • How it is intending
  • Why it is intending to do this
  • By when it will be doing
  • And the benefit(s) of doing this

A vision helps all stakeholders understand what they are doing and why. It helps to focus the mind and should energise and motivate the business.

Examples of a vision statement include:

A new ecommerce platform will provide our business with the capability to better serve our international markets by 2015 and increase our sales by 30%

From a vision statement, the business starts to appreciate what is being planned, why it is being planned and can start to prepare the business case and think about the business requirements that are needed in order to achieve it.

Take action in your business

  • On your own plan out what the vision statement could be.
  • Review with your team or other stakeholders until you are happy with it.
  • Publish and share it with all stakeholders involved in your business.

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