Before starting your ecommerce project…


Implementing a new system can be exciting.

With a new system, your business can be taken to new levels: improved ways of working, ability to do take orders faster, quicker, cheaper or access to new capabilities that can enable your business to compete in the marketplace.

But before going too far down the track, it’s beneficial to take a step back and assess. What it is that you are planning to do? Why are you planning to do it? Who to involve in the process?  Even if you are a small business, a little pre-planning will help ensure that you are making the right choices, at the right time, saving you time and money.

Preparation is key. Work through the activities below to kickstart preparation for a new system:

  • Set the vision: What are you trying to achieve? This focuses the minds of everyone (including 3rd parties) on what the business is trying to achieve with the new system.
  • Review your current business operations : particularly where a new system is intended to replace or change a process. This will help to identify who needs to be involved in your project or any needs that they might have with a new system.
  • Identify your current IT systems and how they interact with each other: An awareness of how your current IT systems are set-up and interact will help identify any possible issues or consideration for the new system.
  • Define your business requirements : this is the core of what you want from the new system and what systems providers will use to estimate the scope and potential cost of the system.

Once there is clarity as to the purpose, you will be ready to start shaping up the the project.

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